the l-game

l game

blue and red Ls

Shame on us. We’ve been so busy, we’ve neglected our L gallery and missed out on some corkers in the process. Timing is everything.

To make up for it, the L God brought us this wondrously simple and striking piece of bona fide charity shop gold – the L-Game by psychology supremo Edward de Bono. What’s more, it’s from 1969 and was still sealed!

The game claims to be “the simplest real game ever invented” and “can be learned in seconds and played for hours”. The object of the game is that you have to use your L, as well as your wits, to block your opponent from moving his or her L. Instant win if you block them in.

We haven’t tested it out yet, mainly because the whole game is so simply and beautifully designed, we’re scared to touch it. It even gets a “selected for the Design Centre London” stamp of approval on it.

charity shop gold

charity shop gold

And what about those Ls? What a find! See some more photos over on flickr.

Our only complaint is the ragged copy on the game sleeve. Would it have hurt to bring that ‘and’ up to the second line – or lose the word ‘real’? But hey, it was 1969…



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  1. Play it! It’s a brilliant game for all abilities – it just evolves with your skill level.

    I’ve been looking out for one for YEARS!!!

    Enjoy :)